The Santa Monica Times and Los Angeles Times have reported on the tragic death of a two month old girl, the step-daughter of Donald Hillman.  The newspapers report that Hillman has been arrested.   The infant is reported to have died from shaken baby syndrome in Santa Monica, California.

If the death was, in fact, by Shaken Baby Syndrome - then this was a preventable death.   There are several questions which should be asked in relation to a senseless death like this - and in any shaken baby syndrome death case.  When did the shaking occur?  Who had access to the child during the critical time period?  Were there any signs of abuse before the critical shaking incident?  Did any mandatory reporters of child abuse become informed of abuse to this child and fail to report it to the proper child protective service agency, or law enforcement?  Were the police notified of any potential abuse of this child before she was critically shaken?  Did the police properly cross-report the abuse to child protective services?

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