Surgery Helps Baby After Being Shaken, But Child Still in ICU

We recently added a post to our Shaken Baby Syndrome Blog about a two-month old baby who underwent surgery after being shaken by his father.  Doctors placed drains inside the baby's head to decrease pressure and swelling, and the baby will remain in I.C.U. for at least couple days as he recovers from injuries and from the surgery.  To read more about this instance of abusive head trauma, click here.

Surgery is often required after injuries from abusive head trauma (the newly suggested term for shaken baby syndrome), among other necessary treatments and invasive procedures.  Abusive head trauma is extremely serious.  If you have a child or know a child who has suffered from abusive head trauma, do not hesitate to contact me, Chris Keane, for important resources, answers to your questions, and help finding the best medical experts. 1-888-592-KIDS.
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