Tragically, a 15 month-old girl, Ella Faith Young, has been reported to have died as a result of shaken baby syndrome.  Our thoughts go out to the family and loved ones who must have treasured this little girl.

The investigation of this death, as with other SBS deaths, will focus on a combination of autopsy findings, medical records/radiology studies and witness statements.  Some of the medical findings they might look for include subdural hemorrhage, retinal hemmorhage and perhaps, pre-existing injuries consistent with prior child abuse.  This could include fractures, bruises, oral trauma or other unexplained injury which may be inconsistent with a baby's developmental stage. If there is pre-existing signs of abuse, then the investigation should next turn to who had access to the child and what was his/her explanation for the damage.

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Ella's Aunt 07/21/2013 09:27 PM
No signs of prior child abuse were detected by medical professionals. However, the defense produced a paid medical expert who testified a fall at home caused the horrific damage to Ella's brain. The judge did not have the courage to convict the babysitter for murder (only charge brought by the prosecutor). Babysitter goes free. Prosecutor bungled the case. Our family is left to mourn the loss of this child, while the community turned against us and glorified the verdict in the local newspaper. Disgusted with the legal system.
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