The Los Angeles hospital was fined for the heparin administration error to Dennis Quaid’s twin infants last November. The Keane Law Firm will represent children seriously injured or killed by hospital errors. Every client is a star to us.

The Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Hospital was fined $25,000.00 by California health regulators for the heparin error committed on three newborns, including the Quaid twins. The California Department of Public Health cited this hospital for the violation that predisposed these infants to potential serious injury and death. The news report states the hospital cooperated with state investigators. The investigation reveals the infants received 1,000 times the dose ordered. The antidote to reverse the effects of the heparin was administered. The hospital has issued an apology.

Researchers from the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center conducted a study by reviewing medical records of hospitalized children in 27 states. The findings revealed that of the 52,000 children that received substandard health care, almost 5,000 children died from the errors in the year 2000. Not all injuries related to hospital error are readily identified. See more details by clicking on this link.


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