Toxic levels of lead found in charm bracelets distributed by Reebok. Four year-old boy dies after swallowing one. The Keane Law Firm shares tips for the prevention of lead poisoning in children.

Reebok will pay one million dollars in fines for importing and distributing charm bracelets that contain toxic levels of lead. This is the penalty for violating the Federal Hazardous Substance Act.  The bracelets were free gifts with the purchase of children’s footwear. In Minneapolis a four year-old boy died after swallowing one of the charms.  Reebok announced a recall of the 510,000 pendants that were distributed worldwide since May 2004.  

Prevention of injury or death from lead exposure: Keep toddler play areas dust free and clean. Avoid allowing the toddler to play in rooms with chipped paint. Avoid allowing toddlers to play in dusty rooms of houses built before 1980. Do not burn painted wood in a fireplace. Provide a balanced diet rich in calcium, iron and vitamin C. Consumer protections laws in the United States require that all toys and furniture are manufactured with lead-free products. However, imported toys and furniture may contain lead. Keep the Poison Control phone number near the phone – Poison Control 800-222-1222. Call Poison Control (800-222-1222) even if the child looks healthy if ingestion of a substance has occurred. Contact The Keane Law Firm. We may have a toxicology expert review your case if necessary.            

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