Two year-old boy in critical condition from near-drowning in northwest Bakersfield, California. The Keane Law Firm offers child water-safety tips

A two year-old boy is in critical condition from a near-drowning incident that occurred in a back yard pool located at a northwest Bakersfield home. The accident occurred around 4:00pm this afternoon. Neighbors reported hearing a loud scream. The mother reportedly jumped in to rescue the two-year old from the bottom of the pool. Witnesses say the child was very pale. EMS arrived and the boy was taken emergently to Mercy Southwest Hospital. The incident is under investigation. Witnesses report there is no fence around the pool.

Drowning occurs when death results within twenty four hours of a submersion accident where asphyxiation has resulted. Drowning = death. Near-drowning occurs when a victim survives submersion with asphyxiation. There are different circumstances associated with near-drowning that influence survival and permanent injuries sustained by victims. Both fresh water and salt water have serious consequences for the victim.

Swimming pools in back yards are common sites for near-drowning and drowning accidents. Children should always be supervised around water.  Water safety is a very important health care promotion for children. Pools should have fences and remain securely locked when not in use. Parents and caregivers must not leave children unsupervised for any reason while around pools. Children drown much faster and quieter than adults. Small children that fall into pools generally do not yell or cry. Small children that fall in pools generally are submersed within a minute. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) must be initiated immediately in victims found unconscious in the water, then call 911.    

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