Zoe Montgomery died at Orr Family Farm after being run-over by a hayride trailer.

In Oklahoma, Zoe Montgomery, 18-months-old, died as a result of being run-over by a hayride trailer. News stories report that the hay ride trailer had stopped to let a truck pass. People started to get off the trailer because they thought the ride was over. Little Zoe walked to the back of the trailer and fell when the driver put the tractor in gear. The trailer rolled over her while backing up for the gear change. She was taken emergently to OU Medical Center where she died.   

As death from infections has decreased, injuries have emerged as the most common cause of death in toddlers. Death that is injury-related is approximately 37% of all causes of death. Because of the newly developed ability to wonder and perform fine and gross motor skills, toddlers are at risk.

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kelly Holloway 03/15/2009 01:44 AM
Hi my name is kelly Holloway.I thank he should have made sure there was no one behind or on the trailer be for going any were.I knew Zoe and her family from the time she was born.Zoe and my twin boys was 27 days apart.Me and my family will miss her so very much and she will alway's be in are prayers.
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Marnie 05/25/2009 12:17 PM
I have always thought hayrides were dangerous. This is in no way the mother's fault. I believe the driver should have made sure everyone was seated, or out of the way. He shouldn't have assumed the people were still on the trailer. I'm sure the driver is suffering deep guilt. This was an accident, but it's one that shouldn't have happened. These types of accidents can be avoided. No amount of money will ever fill this family's empty ache for their little girl. But something needs to be done to protect the children on these types of 'rides' in the future. This little girl was my second cousin. My heart still aches for her family. I hope they realize at some point that Zoe is now with angels, and she's happy again. God bless the Montgomery and the Menees family.
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