Is lead poisoning a brain injury? Can it cause learning disabilities for my child?

Lead poisoning is considered a brain injury, although it can affect many of the body's systems depending on each case, according to Dee Tipton, the coordinator for the Lead Poisoning Prevention Program in Clinton County, Ohio.  As one of the more common forms of brain injury in children, lead poisoning inflicts approximately 250,000 U.S. children ages one through five with blood lead levels that require public health actions (according to the CDC).  Tipton also reports that many of these brain-injured children do not display signs or symptoms of lead poisoning until age 4 or 5 (even if they suffered lead poisoning as infants), the age at which behavior or learning problems become noticeable. 

Such learning or behavioral problems demonstrate the fact that lead poisoning is a brain injury, an injury that can lead to learning disabilities for children.  If you believe that your child may have suffered from lead poisoning or any other brain injury, feel free to contact child brain injury attorney Chris Keane with your most pressing questions. After spending years as an advocate for children with head and brain injuries, he has worked with the best medical experts in the field, and he will consult with you for free regarding your unique situation. 

For more information on lead poisoning in children, testing, and long-term effects, click here.

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