What happens to a child who is shaken – assuming they do not get timely and effective treatment? | Shaken Baby Syndrome Lawyer

Untimely or improperly treated SBS/non-accidental brain injury will very likely exert a significant negative impact on the emotional, intellectual, occupational, physical and social well-being of the child along the child’s developmental lifespan. The location and severity of brain injury will determine the type of symptoms and disabilities that the child will experience. 

For example, impact to the top of the child’s skull may result in some form of paralysis and impact to the front and back of the skull (occipital injury) may cause blindness, both from retinal and optical nerve damage. The severity of head injury will determine the clinical presentation and persistence of symptoms. 

Mild blunt trauma may cause mild concussion with the immediate onset of symptoms following injury, with symptoms lasting hours to days. Moderate blunt trauma may cause immediate onset of symptoms and symptoms lasting up to approximately six months or longer. Severe blunt trauma is followed by immediate onset of symptoms, and delayed onset of more symptoms with high risk for permanent residual neurological defects. In severe blunt trauma, epidural, subdural and intracerebral bleeding and hematomas may be present. The child may not interact with his/her surroundings but appear alert or neurologically depressed. Severe brain injury may also result in a persistent vegetative state or death for the child. 

Researchers and healthcare providers are exploring clinical methods to reduce secondary and tertiary brain injuries as the child recovers from non-accidental brain injury and Shaken Baby Syndrome. Because of improved surgical and medical management of head-injured infants and children, higher acuity is seen within this patient population as they are admitted to in-patient rehabilitation institutions and treated on an outpatient basis. 

While this is a post about children who have already been shaken, it is always important to remember that shaken baby syndrome can be prevented. Read more to find out how.

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