What kind of treatment is common after shaken baby syndrome?

Although treatment for shaken baby syndrome varies depending on the specific situation and other factors, including the age of the child and the extent and type of injuries involved, some of the following treatments are relatively common among shaken baby syndrome victims (though this is not a comprehensive list):

Immediate Treatment (or Treatment Early-On)

  • emergency care (and typically admittance to hospital room or ICU)
  • respiratory support (often in the form of oxygen therapy or a ventilator/breathing machine), often to prevent stroke or the death of brain cells
  • surgery (often to decrease brain swelling and stop internal bleeding in the brain)
  • shunts or another means of draining of the blood around the brain
  • medicine for a variety of problems (more commonly, to prevent seizures or decrease brain swelling)
  • an IV (short for intravenous fluids) to keep body fluids and salts under control when necessary
  • a tube for emptying or feeding the stomach
  • treatment for any other injuries, such as broken bones, cuts, or seizures.

Further Treatment

  • physical therapy
  • vision therapy
  • speech therapy or treatment for hearing loss
  • medication or surgery for mental imbalance or frequent unconsciousness
  • many other treatments.

The few treatments described here reveal just how serious shaken baby syndrome is.  If you believe your baby has been shaken or suffered head trauma, seek immediate medical attention, and feel free to contact shaken baby syndrome attorney Chris Keane for helpful resources in your time of need. 

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