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Even with plans and teaching to prevent child abuse, there will be children that end up being victims of child abuse. If you encounter an infant or a child that is injured from child abuse, call 911. Get the local authorities involved. If an infant appears injured, do not pick up the infant and do not attempt to give the baby something by mouth. If the baby is lethargic and vomiting, gently roll the infant to its side while waiting for emergency assistance (Call 911). The head and body should be rolled as a unit to one side and supported with no manipulation of the infant’s body and head in the meantime. This will allow the infant or child to vomit and avoid inhaling the vomit into the lungs. Let the EMS know your suspicions and provide as much information as possible, so the EMS personnel can provide the information to physicians and nurses at the hospital.  

If you suspect child abuse is happening with someone you know or are acquainted with, call the local county Child Protective Service (CPS) hotline and report your suspicions. The CPS social workers will investigate the complaint and your call will remain anonymous. They will not disclose who made the complaint. They have the tools to investigate the child’s environment. You do not need to investigate before you report. Don’t hesitate to call. You may save a life by calling. 

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