What should my landlord be doing to make sure my child isn't lead poisoned from paint on the rental property?

Your landlord should not delay maintenance of the paint on your property. With delayed maintenance, older lead paint will move through the chipping, peeling or cracking paint layers. Old lead paint which is improperly maintained will release lead dust particles. This is especially true of "friction points" - such as window sashes or door frames. When windows open and close, the friction causes painted surfaces to rub against each other, releasing lead dust particles if the paint is improperly maintained. Friction also occurs when doors are out of alignment. Insist that your landlord keep painted surfaces intact, and that doors are aligned properly. Also, when a landlord hires contractors to repair and renovate, or paint an older building, insist that they use safe work practices. This means that they should not be "dry-scraping" or "powersanding" without effective containment of the lead dust and clean-up. It is well-known that lead dust and debris spread inside the living space of an apartment or rental home. If you have questions or concerns about work done on your rental property, have your child tested for lead. If the test is positive, contact The Keane Law Firm immediately so that we can help your child with his or her claim against the landlord.
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