What types of brain injury cases does the Keane Law Firm handle?

The Keane Law Firm handles all types of child brain injury cases that result from the negligence or abuse of another.  Although Chris Keane intentionally specializes in child brain injuries, a focus that allows him to work with the best medical experts in the field of pediatric brain injury, he does not limit himself in terms of type of injury (as long as the child's brain injury occured because of negligence or abuse).  After working with pediatric traumatic brain injury experts for many years, attorney Chris Keane has handled a wide range of child brain injury cases, including cases of cerebral palsy, car accidents, concussions from sports or other accidents, shaken baby syndrome, and child abuse, among others. 

If your child has suffered a brain injury or died as a result of head trauma, feel free to contact Chris Keane with your most concerning questions.  As a father himself and advocate for brain injury victims, he will consult with you for free with compassion and regard for your unique situation.

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