What's the point in bringing a wrongful death lawsuit when a child dies - you can't bring back the child?

It is very important to do your part to correct any injustice that was done to your child, or a child you know. You cannot and should not stand by and let someone who has caused a wrongful death escape responsibility. Sometimes, a death occurs through negligence and the negligent person does the honorable thing and admits their mistake and accepts responsibility for their actions. The Keane Law Firm handles cases like that, and they are often settled to our clients' satisfaction because of our extensive experience in handling these claims and lawsuits. When someone or some corporation refuses to accept their responsibility for causing the death of a child, however, you need to make them accept responsibility. If you won't stand up for your child, then who will. We will help you do that because that's what we do - everyday. But we need you to call or e-mail. So please call The Keane Law Firm now at no cost to discuss how the child you loved died, and we will talk about whether we can help you correct the injustice done to that child.
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