Retinal Detachment From Shaken Baby Syndrome

One of the most common effects of shaken baby syndrome on a baby's eyes is retinal detachment.  Simply put, retinal detachment is the peeling away of the retina from the layer of support tissue beneath it.  The detachment of the retina pulls (or lifts) it from its normal position, separating it from the back wall of the eye.  The retina becomes separated from its source of nutrition and blood supply, which will cause degeneration and loss of function if not treated promptly.  If the macula (the part of the eye containing structures that control central vision and clarity of vision) remains detached, the shaken baby will lose his or her central vision.  Any case of retinal detachment can result in permanent loss of vision if it is not treated quickly. 

Retinal detachment is accompanied by retinal hemorrhages, which result from blood vessels that become filled with blood and burst.  To read more about retinal hemorrhaging, click here.

To prevent retinal detachment, physicians must quickly identify and stop the hemorrhaging and treat any retinal tears.  To treat retinal detachment, surgery is required.

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