Holidays, Toy Safety, & Child Injuries

Over 65% of toys bought in the U.S. are purchased between the Friday after Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, according to The Daily Citizen.  To ensure safety this holiday season, injury prevention company Safe & Sound, part of Children's Hospital at Erlanger, has offered some tips for smart buying.  According to the Erlanger Health System, around 173,000 toy-related injuries require emergency room treatment every year in the U.S.  Sadly, the year 2008 saw 19 deaths from toy-related injuries.  This year, more toys are considered safe than in the past (with the CPSC reported only 38 toy recalls, compared to last year's 162).  However, when toys are not age-appropriate for the children who receive them, their perceived "safety" is put at-risk. 

To avoid such risks, Safe & Sound advises parents to consider "the child's age, interest, and skill level" when purchasing toys, and supervise their children when they play in order to set good examples of playing safely.  Among the popular purchases during the holidays are riding toys, such as bikes, skateboards, scooters, ATVs, and other electric riding toys.  According to Safe & Sound, these toys are often the most dangerous:  around 40% of all toy-related injuries occur because of riding toys.  If a child is given a riding toy, he or she should be required to wear protective gear and a helmet.  Safe & Sound also recommends that children under 16 should not be permitted to ride or drive ATVs at all.

Other recommendations from the company are the following:  inspect every toy closely (look for small parts or choking hazards, dangerous straps or cords, etc.), require children to properly store toys after play (in order to prevent trips and falls or keep younger children from playing with dangerous toys), and make sure toy chests are equipped with safety hinges to ensure safe opening and closing of their lids.

If your child has been injured while playing or as a result of another party's negligence, feel free to contact child injury lawyer Chris Keane with your questions regarding defective product laws and other concerns related to child injuries.  As a father and legal advocate for injured and abused children, Keane will answer your questions for free and help you find the best medical treatment for your child.  1-888-592-KIDS.
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