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  •   Approximately four million children are abused annually.

  •   Less than half of those cases get reported.

  •   Approximately two thousand children die from abuse and neglect each year (

  •   There are approximately two deaths per 100,000 children (

      Infants make up almost half of these deaths.

  •   Most non-accidental head trauma victims are under one year of age, but

    may be as old as four years of age.

  •   Approximately 1,300 children experience near-fatal and fatal head trauma

    annually. (

  •  According to CPS databases, for every one thousand children between

    the ages of 0 - 1 year-olds, 24 of them are maltreated.

  •   And for every one thousand children between the ages of 1 - 3 year-olds, 14 of them are maltreated.

  •   According to the CDC, non-CPS studies approximately 4,600 per 100,000 children are maltreated.

  •   It is estimated that one out of seven children experiences some kind of abuse between the ages of 2 and 17 years of age.

  •   According to some experts, it is postulated that some of the children with attention deficit disorders and autism may have been victims of non- accidental head trauma or Shaken Baby Syndrome that did not get recognized during infancy and young childhood.

  •   Most Shaken Baby Syndrome cases are inflicted on babies by caregivers and parents.

  •   Abusers are more often female however; abuse of greater severity is more often inflicted by male abusers.

  •   A majority of those cases involve the boyfriend of the mother or the father of the baby.

  •   It is widely accepted that the true number of victims and incidence of Shaken Baby Syndrome is under-reported.

  •   The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported for 2006 that 1,530 children died in the United States from abuse and neglect.

  •   There were 905,000 known child victims of maltreatment that same year. 

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