Child abuse lawyer provides link to child death review committee report

Christopher Keane
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California Child Abuse and Child Injury Lawyer
Posted on Dec 19, 2007

In Florida, the most recent child death fatality review report has been released and states that 170 children died last year from verified abuse and neglect.  This was 75 more than in teh prior year.  The report indicated that most abused, deceased children were under 4 years of age.  Fifty-three of the 103 deaths that are classified as neglect were due to drowning, which had not been included in past reports.   There were 55 child homicides.  The report indicated that "Crying, potty training and feeding were the most common triggers for the fatal abuse".  And, followin disturbing trends, this was reportedly most often committed by the boyfriend or husband of the child's mother.   The committee also found that 85 percent of the drowning victims were under 5 and in each case there had been inadequate supervision. It was reported that three-fourths of the victims downed in swimming pools.