Top Safety Hazards to Children Reported as Cribs, Toys, & Blinds

Christopher Keane
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California Child Abuse and Child Injury Lawyer
Posted on Nov 27, 2009
Among the most common recalls of products due to child injuries are cribs, toys, and blinds, according to the CBC News website.  The site reports that U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada recalled over 2 million drop-side cribs made by one company alone (B.C.-based Stork Craft Manufacturing), among many other recalls of cribs made by other manufacturers.  Among the problems cited with recalled cribs are weak metal brackets that were susceptible to breaking or cracking, which often caused the mattress to collapse, creating a gap between the crib rails and the matress in which a child can be trapped and even suffocate.  A similar recall was issued because of wooden crib slats that were prone to breaking, again leading to potential entrapment and strangulation of the child.  Other problems included spindles that could break, matresses that were too small for the crib, and potential entrapment in the absence of safety pegs on the crib's lower track. 

Other concerns regarding products hazardous to children involve toys and blinds.  The number one recalled category of products due to choking hazards is that of toys, and blinds are another chief concern due to the potential strangulation that can be caused by their pull cords and lifting loops.

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