Caren Ramirez, Layne Lau, and Luther Schumacher have been arrested for child abuse involving a 17-year-old boy.

In San Joaquin County, the convoluted story of child abuse involving a 17-year-old boy finally unfolds and has resulted in the arrest of Caren Ramirez, Layne Lau and Luther Schumacher. News stories report that the 17-year-old boy managed to escape from the home of Lau and Schumacher, jump adjacent fences and run to a local business for help. Lea Leonardo was working at a fitness center when the young man came in and hid under a counter in a fetal position. He was emaciated and wearing only boxer shorts with a chain around his ankle. He was covered in soot, dried blood, feces and urine. Lea called police and that is how the child abuse was discovered. Police acted quickly to secure the crime scene and find the perpetrators responsible for the child maltreatment. There is a lengthy history of child abuse in this case. Currently the minor is in the custody of the San Joaquin County Child Protective Services.  

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