One of the law firms I admire the most, Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C.,  is providing another great free service to the motorcycle community.  They are unveiling their brand new Michigan motorcycle law blog -

The Buckfire firm is unique for a few reasons.   First, they not only care about their clients - but also the community at large.  Providing free, current safety and legal information to motorcycle riders is a big service and the Buckfires are owed a debt of gratitude for their efforts.  Second, they are a family operation.  The Buckfire firm was started by David and Vicky Buckfire and it is now spearheaded by two (2) brothers - Larry and Dan Buckfire.  There is no stronger tie than family - and unlike other firms which cut, run and evaporate depending on which way business is heading for their partners, the Buckfire firm is stable.  They have been in Michigan for a long time, and will continue to be providing excellent service to Michigan motorcycle riders for years to come.  Third, the Buckfire firm is on the cutting edge of motorcycle laws and safety - and provide current information on motorcycle safety and accidents on the internet.  So you don't need to call a lawyer to answer your question, check out their site and e-mail them.  If you are a motorcycle rider in Michigan, you want the Buckfire firm.  Their website is   Their number is 800-606-1717.  Their results are amazing. 

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