In Nebraska, Christopher Duffek is charged with felony child abuse for the death of his 5-week-old son, Sebastian Duffek. Last Friday morning, his infant son Sebastian stopped breathing. Emergency personnel and police noticed bruising around Sebastian’s neck and shoulders. Efforts to resuscitate the infant were not successful at LGH West Hospital. News stories report that Mr. Duffek made statements to the police about how the infant would not stop crying and that he shook the infant for a prolonged period of time as well as two other previous incidents.  

News stories also report that in 2005 Mr. Duffek was placed under guardianship due to being a vulnerable adult. His grandparents had guardianship. It is unclear whether their guardianship was in place during this tragedy. He has been placed in group homes intermittently and had one brush with the law for disturbing the peace and a domestic situation. Allegedly, he is suffering with mental and depressive disorders.  

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