Dylan Bahorski, 3 year-old, was found unresponsive on the floor of a bedroom when his mother got home from work on Saturday morning, December 27th. His mother, Casey Pence, had left the previous night around 10:30 pm for work. Her sons were left in the care of Javier Barker, her live-in boyfriend. Dylan’s brother told investigators that he saw Javier go in the room and he heard Dylan screaming. News stories report that Dylan’s death was a result of severe brain trauma, a skull fracture and multiple contusions from being hit and kicked. He died at Children’s Mercy Hospital.  

A child has lost his life. The Keane Law Firm represents children that have been catastrophically injured from child abuse. Please call us, the child abuse law firm for a timely case evaluation at 888-592-KIDS or 415-398-2777.  You may visit our website at www.keanelaw.com – we will determine the facts of the case and file a claim to hold those responsible to pay for the damages. In a child death lawsuit, we will recover for pain and suffering. We represent families nationwide,

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