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Are you concered that your son or daughter has been sexually abused?  These are several things to look for in the child's history:
1) Is your child (or someone else) is telling you that causes you to have concern that sexual abuse is occurring?    The most important indication that a child is being sexually abused is when you are told by your child - either directly or through the child's friend, classmate, teacher or other trusted adult.  The story may be direct (such as "grandpa touches me in my vagina")  or it may be indirect ("i don't like it when you leave me at grandpa's).  A child may tell a friend first, who may tell a teacher, who then may report it to child welafer services - or to you, or both.  The child may not tell a parent directly out of fear that she or he did something wrong and does not want to get in trouble - or mya not tell anyone because the abuser told them to keep it  a secret.  Very often the child may take months - or even years - to discuss the abuse.  When you hear anything - directly or indirectly - you should consider it a call for help, to you.  Children will seldom make these stories up - as they do not have a motivating reason to do this, and it is not age appropriate for youung children to make up these stories.
2) Is there something unusal about your child's clothing?  Are the underwear torn?  Are the underwear stained?  Or, are the underwear bloody?  If so, this is not normal.  Ask your child "what happened?"  If there is not a believable explanation, you should consider taking your child to the emergency department for a sexual abuse exam...."

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