In California, at Richmond High School, bystander-responsibility was lost in group mentality and may have perpetuated the brutal gang rape of a student that lasted over two hours. Were the predators performing for their audience as they brutally victimized this young woman?  

This young woman, unaware of what would turn out to be a horrifying night, anticipated and dressed for what was suppose to be an enjoyable evening at a high school dance. After all, isn’t that what childhood and high school is all about? Making memories at high school dances where young people gather to celebrate during a fun-filled evening – isn’t that the expectation, normally? Who would have ever anticipated that so many predators in one community existed and would gather in one spot to commit such a heinous crime against a young lady? The citizens of Richmond need to evaluate the safety of their women in this community and engage in public outcry against the perpetrators of this crime. The parents of these criminals need to deal in the truth and not engage in denial. This is no time to condone criminal behavior by a family member. The re-victimization of this young woman should not be tolerated in any form. The nation is aghast at this tragedy and the deranged behavior of these student predators and voyeurs involved in victimizing this woman. News stories report this brutal rape and robbery unfolded for over two hours near the premises of a Richmond High School dance with many in attendance.  

We heard the comments from the high school representative that stated the expectation was that parents provide rides home to and from school dances. And we all have our ideas about what responsible behavior entails to promote safety in the best interest of students. But what happened on the Richmond High School grounds was pure evil. It was a despicable example of what the under-belly of this student body is capable of inflicting on a vulnerable human-being. Obviously the events and conduct of the participants in this crime is considered an unfathomable departure from humanly acceptable behavior and in a perfect world is not foreseeable. But this isn’t a perfect world and schools are filled with troubled students, so what is foreseeable is that a strong adult presence on the school grounds would have prevented the criminal element from gathering to carry out such a barbaric atrocity over an extended period of time on the night of a school dance.  

If safety is so important that school authorities think parents will arrange safe rides to and from the school for these events; then likewise, is it not reasonable that parents think school authorities will provide their students with conscientious monitoring during school events while on school grounds? We ask why this area of the school premises was unmonitored and how is it that a crime can occur over a two-hour time period (on school grounds) while no representatives from the school are aware of the gathering spectacle occurring on the premises during a school function. Were the adults attending this function really monitoring these students? Who was assigned to watch this area of the school, did the organizers address that issue? Educators may have their expectations of parents, but these types of expectations are mutual, not one-way relationships. The Richmond High School authorities need to reflect on where they fell short in this debacle. Educators know full well who the troubled students are in their schools.  

The glaring truth is that the predators have shown their numbers in this community. Richmond High School has a significant problem on their hands. And this community should fear for their daughters’ safety, the evidence is clear. This crime demonstrates the need for an intense public education campaign, emergently, that addresses the victimization of women, child abuse and domestic violence in their community.  

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