In California, Jason McGlown faces sentencing for felony child abuse in connection with the beating of his mentally disabled son. News stories report the boy was sent home from school for stealing the teacher’s juice box. Once the boy arrived home, Mr. McGlown forced his disabled son to drink multiple juice boxes until he vomited and beat him with a belt leaving bruises on his back and buttocks.  A teacher identified the boy's injuries and reported it to authorities.

The news stories do not mention whether the disabled boy was thirsty in school and needed a drink when he saw the teacher’s juice box and decided to take it. Interesting disciplinary measures are noted with regard to the teacher’s initial mishandling of the classroom situation and the father’s abusive disciplinary style at home. When, or if, children take medication for behavior or seizure prevention and other conditions, thirst is a common side effect of these drugs. Whether on medication or not, disabled children do not always identify thirst as a basic need they have to inform adults about and they may encounter barriers in their ability to drink water from a water fountain independently. It is important as a caregiver to disabled children, to offer beverages on a frequent basis to avoid dehydration and somatic discomforts associated with the use of some medications and the lack of ability to obtain beverages without the assistance of others. It is recommended to offer disabled children opportunities for consumption of beverages to avoid medication side effects, meet their basic hydration needs and avoid disruptive behavior in the classroom.  

Disabled children have a higher risk of being abused and are more likely to be victims of child abuse and neglect.

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