In Kentucky, Patrick Watkins and Joy Watkins are sentenced to life in prison for the brutal murder of their 10-year-old daughter, Michaela Watkins.

Patrick and Joy Watkins will spend the rest of their lives behind bars for killing ten-year-old Michaela Watkins. Michaela Watkins endured a brutal beating at the hands of her biological father and step-mother. Investigators reveal that Michaela was scalded with hot water and beaten to death with a piece of lumber. Michaela had a total of 77 injuries on her body. Most of the injuries were on her head. She had five crushed ribs.  

Abusive parents or caregivers have risk factors such as substance abuse, low self-esteem, mental or physical disability, depression, history of abuse as a child, poor coping skills, poor impulse control, history of violent behavior or history of being raised in a group setting with no positive parental role. 

Non-biological parents are at increased risk, comparatively speaking, to abuse their stepchildren.  

All children are potential victims of child abuse, but some factors increase the risk for a child to be abused.  

Children with disabilities are twice as likely to be emotionally, physically or sexually abused.


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