In Las Vegas, Melissa and Anthony Melendrez face charges of felony child abuse resulting in substantial bodily harm and felony child neglect. It is unclear why these parents owned large snakes with small children in the home, but that is what news stories are reporting. On January 20th, Mrs. Melendrez went up stairs to find that her 300 lb, 18-foot pet python named “Ava” was wrapped around her three year-old son, trying to make a meal out of his prey, like pythons are commonly known to do. The investigation reveals the large python was biting, constricting and trying to prevent the three year-old from breathing. Surprisingly, the couple had five other snakes in the home, including two more pythons and two boa constrictors. The child-predator python was put down by authorities in the Clark County Animal Control department. Thankfully, the three year-old child survived the attack.  

Melissa and Anthony Melendrez face charges because authorities found that the snakes were not properly confined – especially with children on the premises. 

Though these snakes are legal in this county, people need to make sure they are kept in properly secured areas – away from children and small pets.   

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