On Friday, August 22, 2008, Nathaniel Sampson was arrested for the beating death of Lakeicia Jones. According to news stories, Mr. Sampson faces charges of murder and aggravated child abuse. The violent crime against Lakeicia Jones occurred on Monday, August 18, 2008. She was found to have sustained a fractured skull, collapsed lung, multiple contusions and fractured ribs. At the time Lakeicia was abused, her mother was at a doctor’s appointment.  

Well-adjusted parenting styles are learned behaviors. Good parenting is not instinctual. Abusive adults are generally formerly-abused children with poor coping skills. However, not all abusers were abused children and all abused children will grow up to be abusive adults. The likelihood of being a child abuser increases significantly if an individual was abused as a child. While women are more likely to be abusers, men abuse in a more severe manner. Children under the age of three years old are the most likely to be victims of abuse, because the toddler stage is a very trying time for maladjusted adults to deal with. Adults with unrealistic expectations and poor coping skills are most at risk for engaging in abusive behavior towards children. Physical abuse is the most overt form of abuse. Physical abuse can result in brain injury, fractured bones, soft tissue injuries, bruises, cuts and burns.

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