In Nebraska, How your old shoes can "stomp" out child abuse | Child Abuse

A Norfolk, Nebraska-based organization reportedly has an idea for what to do with those gently used shoes in your closet that you no longer wear.  The Norfolk Council for Family Empowerment is coordinating a shoe drive as part of a display for the month of April, which is designated as Child Abuse Prevention Month.  
The goal of the shoe drive is to reportedly collect 450 pairs of shoes, which represents the number of child abuse cases that is investigated in Northeast Nebraska alone each year.  Once the shoes are collected, they will be on display at the Sunset Plaza Mall in Norfolk during the month of April.   Shoes can be dropped off at Gobbs and Gobs of Fun, the YMCA and Parent to Parent Network in Norfolk and the 4H facility in Wisner. 

Waste Connections will also be collecting the shoes reportedly along their regular Thursday recycling collection route this week. Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts in Norfolk will also provide a community service by picking up.  Following the event, area organizations will be contacted to locate youth and families who are need of shoes. 

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