In Ohio, the following children died: Mia Jorris, Antwan Bowman, Trustin Blue, Marvonne Williams, Natalie Coday, Destiny Ross, Connre Dixon, Jacqueline Mae Cooper, Justin Johnson, Jr., Tyler McKee, Charmaria Drake, Reece Mushrush, and Daniel Mitchell. 

What went wrong, why did child protective services leave them in the hands of child abusers?  


Mia Jorris died at the age of 2-years-old while left in “the house of horrors”. Her mother’s boyfriend punched her in the stomach, among other things. 

Antwan Bowman was returned to his mother after a foster care placement. Just days later, his mother’s boyfriend killed him by punching him twice in the chest. He was four years old.  

Trustin Blue died at 3 years-old after being raped and mutilated by his mother’s boyfriend. This happened after he had been removed from the home due to abuse by the same boyfriend, then returned to the home after foster home placement, with the same boyfriend present. News stories report that Trustin was so scared of the boyfriend, he would urinate in his pants when he saw him.  

Marvonne Williams died after being locked in a dog cage and doused with scalding hot water from the water heater. He was eight years-old at the time of his death.  

Natalie Coday was a twin born to a 17-year-old mother. She was removed from the home by children-services representatives due to substantiated child abuse. She was returned less than one month later and died shortly after that. Her twin was found to have 8 broken ribs and low body weight at the time Natalie died at five months of age.  

Destiny Ross died from a fractured skull and head injuries at 7 weeks of age. His mother had previously had two older children that were removed from her home due to child abuse.  

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