In Oregon, Michael Henthorne, 20 year-old, faces trial for charges of first-degree assault, three counts of second-degree assault, three counts of third-degree assault and criminal mistreatment for the injuries sustained by a three-month-old infant. The matter is currently underway in the Benton County Circuit Court. Opening arguments have been heard by the jury. Mr. Henthorne was living with Adair Village. Ms. Village had a three month-old baby that was in the care of Mr. Henthorne when she was allegedly not present. He is not the baby’s biological father. Mr. Henthorne is accused of stuffing a napkin into the baby’s throat causing severe injury that required surgery and hospitalization. The napkin was condensed to the size of a walnut that caused a tear in the baby’s esophagus inside the chest cavity.  A torn or ruptured esophagus is a fatal medical emergency.  

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