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More than anything, Tasha Boston remembers her son's tears.

"He cried, he cried, he cried. That's all he could do," she said.

She cried, too. And still does.

"I was angry because no one could explain to me why," she said, wiping her eyes.

March 27, 2013 her two-year-old son Jordan Smith was reportedly burned inside his daycare, the Lil Rascals Learning Center at 2424 Baker Drive in Mesquite.

Photos of his injuried right hand taken in the emergency room are gruesome.

News 8 obtained one hour's worth of video from one of the surveillance cameras inside Lil Rascals. It shows one angle of what happened inside Jordan's classroom.

He ran to his teacher, a longtime center employee named Johnnie Brown, with his pants around his ankles. He'd had an accident.

Before sending him to the bathroom alone, Brown is seen on the video swatting Jordan on his backside. And based on that video, it appears no one entered the bahtroom to check on Jordan for more than 15 minutes.

Brown does go in, for about three minutes, and leaves with what looks to be Jordan's dirty clothes. Jordan remains in the bathroom, seemingly alone again, for five more minutes.

Eventually, he runs out naked to a sink, where Brown appears to wash his hands. After a couple of minutes, when she towels him off, she pays close attention to his right hand.

"He was burned. That's what I know happened, as far as how, I don't know," Boston said.

Brown is then seen wrapping Jordan in a towel and leaving the room for 12 minutes. The rest of the class of two year olds was left alone for much of that time, until another teacher came in.

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