In Texas, the Mineola Swinger’s Club trial is underway as Patrick Kelly, also known as Booger Red, is charged with organized criminal activity and aggravated sexual assault of a child and faces life in prison.

In Texas, prosecutors accuse the Mineola Swinger’s Club of “pure evil” for its involvement in child sex abuse activities. An eleven year-old child testified that she was given “silly pills” prior to performing sex acts for an audience. The “silly pills” have been identified as Vicodin.   

News stories report that Mr. Kelly developed a program where children learned to perform sex acts with other children and dance provocatively for audiences. Then the children were subsequently promoted to the sex club. The sex club rented an old building that use to be a daycare center located in the town of Mineola. Kelly’s associates Jamie Pittman and Shauntel Mayo were sentenced to life in prison. There are four defendants remaining that will face trial in this case. 

Moral neglect exists when parents or caregivers allow a child to remain in environments with immoral conditions. The defendants, as well as the spectators in this case are guilty of moral neglect in addition to criminal activity. Neglect of a child is an act of omission or failure to meet the child’s needs, such as poor nutrition, severe malnutrition, failure to thrive, lack of medical attention and failure to provide a safe environment or remove a child from an unsafe environment.

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