Interpol reports that this unidentified man (seen in the news story photo) has posted hundreds of photos on the internet in child porn circles. Investigators reveal that many of the photos contain images of this man with young boys engaging in sex acts indicative of severe sexual abuse. The photos involve boys as young as six years old. Interpol states that it appears this unidentified man has posted his images on child porn sites to gain the trust of other pedophiles in order to gain access to more pornographic material and gain access to child sex slaves. This unidentified man’s activities were discovered during the arrest of other pedophiles around the world.

The Keane Law Firm is seeking your assistance to identify this man in the photos. If you recognize him, please call your local police agency as soon as possible.  

Injury to the genital region is indicative of sexual abuse. Suspect intentional injury when the injury is inconsistent with the child’s developmental capabilities. Suspect sexual abuse with trauma or infection of the perineal area. Moral neglect exists when parents or caregivers allow a child to remain in environments with immoral conditions. The long term affects of child abuse include developmental arrest in developing basic trust and self worth into adulthood.

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