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Recently, the New York Times posted an article online about the Price of a Stolen Childhood.  Reading through the article, one can become sadly over taken by the tragedy they are reading about.

According to the article, Nicole, (middle name of victim used for privacy) was sat down at her kitchen table with a detective, and photographs all across the table.  At the time in 2006, Nicole was 17 years old, staring back in what was a mirror of her former self, pixelated images of her father forcing himself on her.  Her mother was there with here on this day with the detectives, and her mother broke down and began to sob.

Nicole's parents have reportedly split when she was a toddler, however the most horrifying news for Nicole came from the detective that was visiting her with the images on her kitchen table.  The pictures had reportedly been horrifically downloaded onto thousands of computers via file-sharing services around the world. They were among the most widely circulated child pornography on the Internet. Also online were video clips, in which Nicole reportedly spoke words her father had scripted for her.  Investigators world wide, had reportedly been looking for Nicole for years.

There is a proposal that has been reportedly discussed at the Justice Department: a general compensation fund that would systematically collect restitution from child-pornography offenders and pay it out to victims like Nicole based on the harm they suffered and the costs they’ve incurred because of it. A compensation fund could give more victims the financial means to put their lives back together. And it could force more defendants to reckon with the children in the pictures and with their own role in supporting a market that depends on abuse.

Restitution has reportedly allowed Nicole to get the counseling she needs.

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