Jazzmin Davis, 15-year-old, was found dead in her aunt’s home located in Antioch, CA. It appears that Jazzmin died from multiple blunt-force injuries and malnutrition. Investigators are questioning why and how this child’s abuse went unnoticed by mandated reporters in schools, healthcare settings and social services departments over the past couple years. Classmates knew about the abuse. She had obvious scars, injuries and five broken teeth. Jazzmin’s brother is a victim of abuse also. Shemeeka Davis faces charges for Jazzmin’s death and child abuse involving the two children.  

Shemeeka Davis faces life in prison if convicted.  The investigation continues. Mandated reporters are required to report injuries on children to social service child protection teams in their areas. Abuse does not need to be suspected but rather, injuries consistent with abuse are to be reported.    

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