The Boulder Daily Camera has reported on the tragic death of a 10 week old boy, Lyon Campos.  The reported history surrounding his death is significant and raises questions that are not answered in the report.  First, it was reported that law enforcement responded to a 911 call at the Campos home in the morning - and that Joaquin Campos told investigators of a fall down the stairs - wherein he was holding Lyon like a football, and fell on him - causing the baby's head to strike the basement floor and trapping his leg on the floor.  The article does not mention whether the police had a reasonable cause to suspect abuse, whether they ruled it out or whether they did suspect abuse and/or or whether they reported or cross-reported abuse to the local child protective services (CPS).  Did they? The report then indicates that Lyon was examined at a hospital and discharged.  Did the physicians or nurses at the hospital report suspected abuse?   Did they rule out head trauma?   Later that evening the report indicates that Lyon could not breathe at home.  Again 911 was called.   Lyon was taken to a children's hospital, where he was found to have a bruised tongue, knee abrasions, a broken femur and tibia and a skull fracture and brain swelling.  He died at the hospital.   Joaquin Campos has been charged with child abuse resulting in the death of Lyon Campos.  

We are saddened by this tragic death of a child.  Hopefully, out of his tragic death there can be further learning and education about the need to carefully protect children.  There are many questions raised by the reports in the Boulder Daily Camera.  Was the child abuse reporting system followed?  What were the baby's injuries at the time of the first 911 call?  Were these injuries carefully documented? Photographed?  Were there any prior incidents of injury or unexplained sudden alarming symptoms?  When did the baby suffer the broken leg bones?  When was the baby's tongue bruised?  Who bruised it? (We know it wasn't he non-ambulatory baby, and no history was given to explain it.....)
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