In PA, McKinley Warren, Jr. has pled guilty to charges of third-degree murder and aggravated assault in two child abuse cases.  Eight years ago his two year-old daughter, Jessica Bock, died from a fatal head injury. Jessica was born out of an affair with Veronica Bock. Jessica’s mother was incarcerated for endangering a child’s welfare and Mr. Warren was awarded custody of Jessica after which she died from fatal injuries sustained as a result of child abuse. His wife Cindy Warren finally told police what really happened to Jessica Bock after her own son, Isaiah Warren had sustained abusive injuries in a similar manner at the hands of Mr. Warren. Cindy Warren agreed to plead guilty to endangering Isaiah and testify against her husband in both cases.  

Jessica Bock allegedly told reporters that Monroe County Children and Youth Services (MCCYS) allegedly did not follow proper procedure when they placed Jessica in the care of her father and his now-wife Cindy Warren. News stories report that MCCYS did not move the children to safer environments when the abuse was uncovered.  

The prosecuting attorney admits the real evidence was provided when Cindy Warren agreed to testify about what happened to her stepdaughter, Jessica.       

With Abusive Head Ttauma there is up to a 30% mortality rate; if death does not occur, then 50% of the child survivors will be left with some degree of permanent brain damage, blindness, neuromuscular disability, paralysis, deafness, learning disabilities and/or a seizure disorder with other associated chronic health problems.

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