San Francisco California Bar Exam Tutor and Consultant, Grace Hum

Anyone taking the California Bar Exam - either for the first time or second or third time - would be smart to hire Grace Hum, a San Francisco, California bar exam tutor and consultant.  Not only is she a legal writing professor at University of San Francisco, she is a former practicing lawyer who knows the pressure associates and law firms feel when they need an associate or clerk to pass the California Bar Exam.  Grace has gotten great bar exam results for people.  Perhaps even more important, since anyone in this position needs to spend considerable, intense time with their California bar exam tutor consultant, Grace is a perfect mix of character traits for a coach.  She is kind, yet firm.  She has a sense of humor - which is critical  in a stressful situation, but is serious about her students' work and future.  She is extremely bright and hard-working.  Any California Bar exam taker or law firm with an associate taking the exam would be lucky to get Grace on their team.  Visit her site at

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