The pain and suffering inflicted on Kendra Gaddie from a day care worker is more than her parents can stand, especially if the day care worker walks out of court and does no time.

In Richland County Circuit Court, if you inflict great bodily harm on child as a day care worker in Judge Kenneth Goode’s court room you just might walk out and do no time - even as the child you victimized continues to struggle day-to-day.  

Michelle Gaddie is asking for parents to pay attention and demand changes in the laws pertaining to minimum sentencing if a day care worker catastrophically injures children. Talisha Lavette Smith, a former day care operator pled guilty to harming seven-month-old, Kendra Gaddie. On March 19, 2008, Kendra was slapped so hard she developed bleeding in her brain and required hospitalization. Now Kendra’s expressive language is hindered due to her injuries and she struggles with speech therapy and is also learning how to use sign language.  

The felony charge that Ms. Smith was facing carries a maximum 20-year prison sentence and no minimum mandatory sentence. So Circuit Judge Kenneth Goode gave Ms. Smith a sentence of 10 years in prison suspended to five years probation. Ms. Smith walked out of the courthouse a free person while Kendra struggles with a life long disability.  

Even though Kendra’s parents and most reasonable people think justice failed her, a civil case seeking compensatory damages will not fail her. The Keane Law Firm represents children that have sustained catastrophic injuries at the hands of an abuser. For compensatory justice in matters involving catastrophically injured children contact the Keane Law Firm at 1-415-398-2777.

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