How do I know if a foster child has been abused?

If you see that someone is hitting a child, if you see lacerations or bruises on a child’s body and they do not appear to have been caused by accident, if a child tells you he/she has been harmed by someone or if a child has suffered injuries which are inappropriate for his or her age (traumatic injuries when a child is too young to move on his or her own - meaning someone else must have inflicted them on the child), or is too young and was left alone – it is time for you to act. After you report the suspected abuse to the appropriate governmental agency (see the phone numbers in the Resource section of this website), we are here to help those children that need legal help and protection, and we need your input to our firm, so we can file the case and help that child. Please, call us as soon as you discover of child abuse. Call us 24 hours at 1-888 592-KIDS.
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