What are the signs of child abuse and what can I do about it?

Generally, any sudden changes in behavior or school performance could indicate abuse. However, these are not the only observable signs. If you notice unexplained bruising, loss of weight, observe your child to be always watchful as if a child is preparing for something to happen, if your child is too passive, quiet, withdrawn or compliant, stays late in school – then your child might be abused. If your child refuses to discuss problems with you, it is better to seek help as early as possible to make sure that your child does not incur a deep psychological and/or physical trauma and there may be more children involved. If that has happened to your child, we can help by investigating and filing a case on your behalf to ensure proper compensation to your child and that the abuser gets punished. Child abuse is not acceptable and should never be tolerated. We will devote all our efforts to your case and promise to do everything legally possible to help your child and you with such a complicated matter. After reporting suspected abuse to the proper governmental protective services agency (see a list of numbers to call in the Resources section of this website), call The Keane Law Firm as soon as possible thereafter so that we can protect the child's legal rights against the abuser, and those who were obligated to prevent the abuse.
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