What are the typesorcategories of child maltreatment?

There are several general types or categories of child maltreatment. The types or categories of child maltreatment include emotional, physical, sexual abuse, and neglect.
Emotional abuse includes patterns of behavior that destroy the emotional development and self-esteem of a child. Emotional abuse involves lack of attention, love, guidance and verbalization of threats and insults.  
Physical abuse include acts of commission and proactively engaging in activity that is intended to cause physical harm to the child.  
Sexual abuse involves the sexual exploitation of a child by an older child or adult. Sex abuse involves sexual acts inflicted or forced upon a child for exhibitionism, child pornography, prostitution, profit or sexual stimulation. Sexual contact involves anal or vaginal penetration of a child with objects or body parts. It also involves inappropriate touching, kissing and fondling. 
Neglect generally involves acts of omission. It is the failure of a parent or caregiver to meet basic needs of a child including lack of education, healthcare, nutrition, clothing, supervision, safety and shelter.
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