What type of professional occupations are regarded as "mandated reporters" for suspected child abuse or child neglect?

Professionals Required to Report (State of California)
Citation: Penal Code §§ 11166; 11165.7
Mandated reporters include any of the following:

       Teachers, teacher's assistants, administrative officers, certificated pupil personnel employees of any public or private school

       Administrators and employees of public or private day camps, youth centers, youth recreation programs, or youth organizations

       Employees of child care institutions, including, but not limited to, foster parents, group home personnel, and personnel of residential care facilities

       Social workers, probation officers, or parole officers

       Any person who is an administrator or a counselor in a child abuse prevention program in any public or private school

       District attorney investigators, peace officers, firefighters, except for volunteer firefighters

       Physicians, surgeons, psychiatrists, psychologists, dentists, licensed nurses, dental hygienists, optometrists, marriage counselors, family and child counselors, clinical social workers

       Emergency medical technicians I or II or paramedics

       State or county public health employees

       Coroners or medical examiners

       Commercial film and photographic print processors

       Child visitation monitors

       Animal control officers or humane society officers

       Clergy members, which includes priests, ministers, rabbis, religious practitioners, or similar functionary of a church, temple, or recognized denomination or organization

       Any custodian of records of a clergy member

       Employees of any police department, county sheriff's department, county probation department, or county welfare department

Employees or volunteers of Court Appointed Special Advocate programs
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