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Raising a healthy child is difficult enough, but raising a special needs child who has been seriously injured as a result of child abuse in California poses additional significant challenges to parents.  A child who has suffered brain damage, is quadriplegic, or paraplegic, or hemiplegic, or has suffered shaken baby syndrome or abusive head trauma, will most often require significant medical care, both in hospitals and at home, as well as individualized education plans, special transportation and housing needs and modification.  The costs are staggering.  

Many parents, guardians or foster families who take care of child abuse survivors and victims in California often mistakenly, but understandably, think that they have to rely on the State of California, California Children's Services (CCS) or regional centers, or the federal government (SSI, for example) for financial help to care for the child.  Often, however, that is not the case - because there may be a number of persons or corporations who owed the abused child a duty to protect or prevent the abuse of the child, and those persons can be held responsible in court to help pay for the help.   

When child abuse injuries in California occur, there are legal options available to pursue. California child abuse lawsuits provide parents and guardians, and foster parents, the financial means and support necessary not only to raise the abused child, but to also provide the security and peace of mind for their child's lifetime.  Many child abuse lawsuits result in settlement for millions of dollars for these reasons.

One of the most common child abuse injuries is brain damage caused by shaken baby syndrome, also known as abusive head trauma.  This can leave a child disabled for life - bound to a wheelchair or walker.  Who can your child sue?

The person, daycare center, or daycare provider who shakes a child can be held legally responsible to pay for expenses.  Often, the daycare center or provider will have insurance that could help pay for the settlement or verdict.  

* The person who ignored or failed to report suspected child abuse from preceding signs of injury (bruising or soft tissue damage).  If those smaller injuries were apparent beforehand, then there are a number of persons who are required by California's Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA) to report suspected child abuse to child protective services (CPS) or law enforcement (county sheriff, local police department or state troopers).  CPS is required to investigate all cases and, in cases of substantiated abuse, will remove a child from an abusive setting before life threatening injury occurs.  

If you suspect that a child was abused in California, and that someone was ignoring important signs that a child was abused, you need to call us today for your Free, No Obligation Case Review to find out out if your child has a California lawsuit for failure to report child abuse.  Christopher Keane, an experienced lawyer who has been rated as one of the top lawyers in America, will review your potential case to determine whether your child's abuse was preventable with proper care and reporting.  He will also consult with nationally recognized child abuse medical experts to gain support for your child's case.  With the Keane Law Firm, you can have the best possible child abuse legal and medical team on your side.

The Keane Law Firm will handle your child's California child abuse case without costing you any money.  This means that neither you nor your child will be charged a legal fee unless we obtain a settlement or verdict for your child - and then, it is paid from the Defendant or their insurance company - not you or your child.  We even advance all the file costs and litigation expenses for your child.  There is absolutlely no cost whatsoever to get started.

You should be aware that there are strict time limits and deadlines for filing child abuse claims and cases in California.  If you miss a deadline for your child, the case will be lost forever.  Call us now TOLL FREE 888 592-KIDS (5437) to have a personal and confidential conversation with an experienced California child abuse lawyer about your child's case.  



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