Foster Care Abuse Library

This library of free articles will provide you with information about the right of foster care children who are injured or abused. You can also learn about the potential recovery for these children and how you can help protect them from further harm.
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  • Foster care rights - California foster care lawyer California foster care rights. If you are a foster care child, former foster care child, parent, friend or family member of a child in foster care, foster parent or lawyer, contact California lawyer attorney for foster care injury, abuse or violation of rights case, claim or lawsuit.
  • Foster Care Injury and Abuse Claim Fund in California The Keane Law Firm is a San Francisco, CA based law office dedicated to seeking justice for children whose lives have been shattered by child abuse or neglect, including cases of severe foster care abuse. Learn more about foster care abuse and neglect, and understand your responsibilities under the law. Find out what you can do to help and how Christopher Keane and The Keane Law Firm can work with you to defend a foster child against abuse and neglect. Hire the Keane Law Firm to file a claim against the California foster care fund. If you are a parent, friend, guardian, guardian-ad-litem, judge or person who knows or is responsible for an injured, abused or deceased foster child, call the Keane Law Firm.