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Having a safe place to go when needed is something not easily found for everyone.  The article we will spotlight below, is about a group that does just that for children and families looking for a safe sound place.

"At the Concord nursery that Sister Ann Weltz has nurtured since 1981, "Our main aim is to see that we always have the space available for a child in need of a safe place."

In a pair of houses on a residential street in Concord, with mature trees that provide welcome shade, the Bay Area Crisis Nursery quietly provides a safe place for parents to leave their children in caring, loving hands, while they work out a problem with a landlord, a lender, an employer, a class assignment or with substance abuse.

"I can't imagine a parent's feeling when they get to the point when they realize they can't do the best for their children because of the stress of the crisis they're going through, and they don't have people in their immediate support system that are available to help with the children," said Sister Ann.

In giving parents time to work out a problem without having to care for their children, the center's main mission is to prevent child abuse."

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