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The San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center (SFCAPC) describes itself as "one of the most comprehensive services providers" in the city, and its staff are devoted to preventing child neglect and abuse and breaking the cycle of violence.  Through its crisis programs, educational programs, and intervention programs, the SFCAPC aims to help parents reduce their stress levels, develop good parenting skills, and create a healthy family in their homes.  Dedicated to providing open-ended services and support for needy families, the center also focuses its efforts on training programs for parents and programs to promote the mental health of children.  The center was formed in 1998 when the San Francisco Child Abuse Council and the TALK Line Family Support Center joined forces.  In short, services provided by the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center are as follows:

-crisis programs
-intervention programs
-training programs for parents
-educational programs
-services for parents under stress and in need of education regarding parenting skills
-programs to promote children's mental health
-public advocacy for child abuse prevention and breaking the cycle of violence

As a child abuse lawyer in the city of San Francisco, Chris Keane also works as an advocate for children who have been neglected or abused.  If you believe that your child or a child you know has been abused or injured as a result of someone else's negligence, feel free to contact the Keane Law Firm with your questions and concerns.  We will protect the confidentiality of your situation and consult with you for free with compassion and professionalism.

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