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Christopher Keane
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California Child Abuse and Child Injury Lawyer
Posted on Jun 02, 2009
An unusual car accident in Huntington Beach, California, injured five children and pinned one of them beneath the vehicle when a car crashed into a child care center around 7:45 a.m. Thursday, according to Fox News.  According to Martha Werth, spokesman for the Huntington Beach fire department, 14 children were inside the Childtime Learning Centers building when the mother of one of the school's children lost control of her vehicle.  The car reportedly jumped the sidewalk and slammed into a doorway at the school, trapping a 2-year-old boy beneath it.  He and a 3-year-old girl were transported via ambulance to a nearby trauma center, where they are expected to recover.  In total, 5 children under 5 years of age required transportation to hospitals following the California car accident/ day care accident on Yorktown Avenue.  Following the crash, the day care lost power and shut down temporarily. 

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